September 21, 2021

Gangland figure who ordered T2 train spotting star Bradley Welsh’s murder ‘calls police for protection’

A man who ordered Bradley Welsh’s murder has called police for protection.

George ‘Dodd’ Bagry, a 38-year-old gangland figure, pleaded frightened from his most secure home.

George Dodd  Bigry's name was Bradley Welsh, who ordered the assassination.


George Dodd The name of the beggar was the one who ordered the assassination of Bradley Welsh, pictured.Credit: Sun.

It came after at least three of his comrades responded with a blade attack. T2 Train Spotting Stars. Murder

Footage recorded by Begiri shows police at his door in Dalketh, Middleton.

One of the detectives, speaking through his window, asks: “Do you remember talking to my colleagues this morning?”

Begrie admitted he called but said he was “a little drunk.”

Asked why he was upset, he added: “I never said I wasn’t worried about anything.”

We reported last month how Begiri allegedly lost a finger in a woman’s knife attack.

Bradley, 48, was shot dead outside his Edinburgh home in 2019.

Sean OrmanOn May 30, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to 28 years in prison.

Eyewitnesses told the High Court trial that Bagri paid 10,000 for the hit.

This is the moment when hitman Sean Orman was filmed fleeing from a shotgun after the assassination of T2 star Bradley Welsh.

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