October 17, 2021

Full Real Dirty Dancing Line Revealed After Joining Holyox, Jordi Beach, Tavi And Google Box Star Show

The original Dirty Dancing lineup is complete with many favorite reality shows.

The photos previously showed Twilight’s James Urgent and Anthia Turner. Practice their tricks, But the Sun can now reveal a full list of celebrities, including Google Box star Tom Malone Jr. and Halle Oaks’ Chelsea Haley.

Famous faces in the show Patrick Suez and Jennifer Gray will try to learn all the tricks from the movie.

The filming will take place in a great location by the lake – as in the movie – as the stars fight as the last couple and rebuild the famous elevator.

Ashley Roberts and Keith Lemon are hosting the latest E4 reality show, which airs next year.

And who is participating here

Marney Simpson

Marni Simpson will show her tricks.


Marni Simpson will show her tricks.Credit: Instagram / Marins

Marni Giordi, 29, is best known for living on the beach and becoming a mother, Giordi OG.

She also starred in X-On the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother – but it remains to be seen whether she has any dancing skills.

Tom Malone Jr.

Tom is going back to the roots of his dance.


Tom is going back to the roots of his dance.Credit: Instagram

Fans are used to seeing Tom sitting on the couch, but he left the show this year to try new things.

And it’s likely that he will be far ahead of the competition because he is actually a choreographer and tick talk star, who has performed with the likes of Rita Ora, Fergie and Willie.

Chelsea Haley.

Can Chelsea participate?


Can Chelsea participate?Credit: Instagram

Actress Chelsea is currently playing the role of Goldie McQueen on the Hollywood.

Amy of Dance is ready to show her dancing skills once again, before she appeared on Dance on Ice.

James ‘Arg’ Urgent.

The new thin Arg will be sifting through its contents.


The new thin Arg will be sifting through its contents.Credit: Rex Features

Reality TV veterans are caught up in a new challenge as they drop a stunning new rock.

The Tavi star has already been shown dancing with Anthia Turner, but does she need to be Patrick Suez?

Saffron Barker.

Saffron has already hit hard.


Saffron has already hit hard.Credit: Instagram

YouTuber is no stranger to saffron dancing – she appeared on Strictly Less Dancing in 2019.

The 21-year-old was really impressed when she worked with AJ Pritchard and clearly caught the acting problem.

Anthia Turner.

Will Anthia turn her head?


Will Anthia turn her head?Credit: Rex

Tilly’s favorite Anthia is no stranger to trying new things – he famously hosted Blue Peter in the 1990s.

She was spotted trying some tricks with Arg in the lake earlier this month.

Verona Rose.

Verona is an upcoming TV presenter.


Verona is an upcoming TV presenter.Credit: Scholar

Rising star Verona hosts the ITV2 show Secret Crush and works as a DJ on London Radio.

When she hits the dance floor, she is changing the presentation for painting.

Darren Harriet.

Funny man Darren will show us his tricks.


Funny man Darren will show us his tricks.

Artist Darren will laugh because he gives his best dirty dancing impression.

The talented 33-year-old was nominated for Best Newcomer Award and Best Show Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and 2019.

Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan will give his best Patrick Suez impression.


Lee Ryan will give his best Patrick Suez impression.Credit: Official Lyrian / Instagram

He’s used to drawing on stage with Boy Band Blue, so it could be just above Lee Ryan Street.

As well as being a singer, Lee has worked on East Enders and has appeared on the reality show Celebs Go Dating.

Bobby Siegel.

Bobby is studying salsa.


Bobby is studying salsa.Credit: BBC

Last but not least is Bobby Siegel, who rose to prominence after appearing at the University Challenge a few years ago.

Buffon now hosts the T-Time Quiz show The Answer Trap.

Patrick Suez and Jennifer Gray in the legendary ‘Time of My Life’ Dirty Dancing Scene.

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