October 20, 2021

Fulfill your dream today with 22,000 jobs.

With less than a week to go until the end of the Furlough scheme next Thursday, firms face a choice to bring staff back to work or lay them off.

The latest figures show that about 1.6 million workers are still fully or partially unemployed, with the aviation and travel industries being the hardest hit.

There are over one million jobs across the UK, including HGV drivers.


There are over one million jobs across the UK, including HGV drivers.Credit: Shutter Stock.

But don’t panic if you lose your job.

There are over one million jobs across the UK.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of job search engine Adzona, says: “Stay positive if you’re looking for a new job. Many employers are anxious to fill vacancies.

“While some of these jobs require expertise and experience – such as software developers for the IT sector, or HGV drivers who require special licenses, we are looking for vacancies in retail, hospitality and logistics. Also seeing an increasing number. For previous experience. “

Today, Sun Unemployment brings you over 22,000 jobs to apply for, all of which offer a quick start and a career climb.

Tesco currently has more than 6,100 openings, including HGV and customer delivery drivers, customer assistants and shift leaders. See tesco-careers.com.

The John Lewis Partnership has 550 positions, including for warehouse workers and delivery drivers. check this out jlpjobs.com.

Eudel needs 2,856 self-employed couriers and delivery drivers. Earnings are calculated on a per-parcel basis, which Yodel says is equal to £ 10 to £ 15 per hour. Apply now yodelopportunities.co.uk.

Barchester Healthcare needs 3,924 new staff, including care and activity assistants and support staff. Find jobs now. barchester.com.

The Premier Hotel has more than 2,400 vacancies, including overnight reception, domestic help and room staff. See for details. whitbreadcareers.com.

Travel seeks to fill 720 hotel positions and 30 head office jobs. Search on travelodge.co.uk/careers.

Pizza Express has 1,588 positions for waiters, pizza chefs, kitchen staff and cleaners. See pizzaexpress.com/careers.

Engineering giant AECOM seeks to fill 1,248 positions, including project surveyors, structural engineers and planners / moderators. Find out more at aecom.jobs.

The Royal Mail has 1,120 openings, including sartors and delivery drivers. See jobs.royalmailgroup.com.

Pub China JD Witherspoon has 1,105 jobs, including bar and kitchen staff and cleaners. See what’s on offer. jdwetherspooncareers.co.uk.

Nando is hiring 1,052 characters in both the front and back of the house. Nando’s team members receive free meals at each shift, as well as discounts for friends and family. See for more details. careers.nandos.co.uk.

Adopt a career change.

Losing your job can be an opportunity to reshape your career.

The Will Keeper of Jobs site offers direct job posting tips.

  • Highlight your furlough experience: Even though you’ve been on furlough for about 18 months, that doesn’t mean you aren’t gaining experience or overcoming new challenges during that time.
  • Upscale / Returns: There are thousands of free courses offered online, or register at a job center so you can find the right training course to start your new career.
  • Consider temporary work: Firms may initially be wary of hiring a large number of permanent staff. But playing a temporary role puts you at the door and can lead to other opportunities.
  • Reuse your skills: List the wide range of skills you have and how they can suit different roles. Highlight career successes and your various experiences.
  • Be Sync: Epidemics have made a huge difference in the job market, so be prepared to expand your horizons. Don’t be too proud to apply for a job where you have to start over. Given your previous experience, you should be quick to climb the ladder in a new role.

Payment rights.

If you have been laid off, you may be entitled to payment – even if the company breaks up.

James Andrews, a senior personal finance specialist. money.co.uk, Explains what rights you have.

James Andrews, an expert at money.co.uk, explains what rights you have to redundancy.


James Andrews, an expert at money.co.uk, explains what rights you have to redundancy.Credit: Attached

First, check your employment agreement, as this will determine how much you owe.

It is based on pre-paid income.

Excess pay offers a fixed amount of pay per week.

It depends on your age and how long you have been in the firm.

You get paid in full for the duration of your notice along with any holiday payments.

At the very least, you will receive a legal surcharge. It is limited to 4,544 a week with a maximum payout of 16,320.

If your firm is bankrupt, apply for a redundancy claim form on the official website.

Join the White House.

Here is a great opportunity to work with a famous chef.

Marco Pierre White is hiring 80 full and part time staff for his new Mr. White steakhouse, pizza and gin house.

Marco Pierre White is hiring 80 full and part time staff for his new Mr. White steakhouse, pizza and gin house.


Marco Pierre White is hiring 80 full and part time staff for his new Mr. White steakhouse, pizza and gin house.Credit: Rex

Jobs at the London Tourist Hotspot Leicester Square include managers, staff at the front and back of the house, as well as kitchen and bar staff.

Darren Casslett Blaise, head of food at Marco Pierre White restaurants, said: “Mr White wants to employ people who love hospitality and provide a memorable experience for guests.

“The restaurant will be all about experience, buzz, atmosphere.”

Email your CV to info Emailmrwhiteslondon.com today.

Job spot

Halford has 700 positions for vehicle technicians, motor testers, bicycle technicians, auto technicians, store and auto center colleagues, department supervisors and management.

See halfordscareers.com.

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