October 25, 2021

Fuel crisis: The government must give priority to health care workers.

Fuel Crisis: Government Must Give Priority to Healthcare Workers - NHS
Fuel Crisis: Government Must Give Priority to Healthcare Workers – NHS

Dr Chand Nagpal, a senior doctor at the NHS, has called on the government to give ambulance drivers, healthcare staff and other essential workers priority access to fuel, while panic-stricken across the UK Yes Surgery UK Reports

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson and a host of ministers prepare to meet deliberately on Monday afternoon to avert a fuel crisis, the British Medical Association (BMA) has urged healthcare workers to refuel. Has called for emergency measures to allow access. The pumps run dry. “There is a real danger that NHS staff will not be able to do their job.”

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Dr Nagpal, chairman of the council at BMA, said: “Emergency and essential workers depend on fuel for their work and for their work – whether it is access to hospitals, methods and other health facilities, or ambulances. Reach out to people in urgent need of care and GPs to meet very sick patients at home.

“Everyone will have their own reasons for filling, but as the pumps dry out, there is a real danger that NHS staff will not be able to do their job and provide the necessary services and care to the people.” Those who are in urgent need.

“Although the government has said it plans to address the shortage of HGV drivers for fuel transportation, the results will not be immediate. Therefore, healthcare and essential workers to fuel are a priority. Access should be provided so that they can continue their important work and guarantee the care of patients.

In today’s meeting, the ministers will look at the proposal for the deployment of troops to speed up the supply of fuel during the crisis.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, along with senior cabinet members, will look into the possibility of resorting to Operation Escalane, while BP said one-third of its petrol stations had run out of two major fuel levels, while the Petrol Retailers Association Asia, which represents about 55,500 independent stores. He said that 50-90% of the members have also passed away. The prediction is that the rest will follow in the coming days.

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan had earlier suggested to the government that it join the army as soon as possible. Analysts say the project will take at least three weeks to implement and does not particularly affect consumer behavior.

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