From environmentally friendly sex toys to “external sex” and foreplay RADIO

SEX is back. After falling off the agenda for couples during self-isolation when couples reported that the sex had dried up, we are now catching up.

Condoms, lubricants and bikini hair removers are selling fast, with hygiene giant Reckitt reporting that sales were up nearly a fifth by the end of last year.


Here are the hottest trends for 2022 with our A to Z sex.Credit: Getty – Contributor

But now we’re ready to get back to business, where do we start?

Here are the hottest trends for 2022 with our A to Z sex.

ADVENTURE: A study by British sex toy retailer Lovehoney found that 52% of couples have become more adventurous in the bedroom during lockdown by trying out role play, car sex, games and erotic fantasies.

And 71 percent said they would continue.

BUFFER: A new Channel 4 documentary “Tits” featuring Megan Barton Hanson explores how women actually feel about their breasts, and a recent Adidas ad campaign features naked boobs of all shapes and sizes.

And celebrities from Maya Jama to Shirley Ballas preferred bare-breasted dresses.

TRAINING: Sex therapy has become mainstream, and coaches offer a safe space to manage emotions and learn new skills.

Even luxury stalwart Selfridges offers in-store sex therapy to lure shoppers back.

SUPPLY: Next day delivery? That’s how it was last year. Now we want our orders to be fulfilled very quickly, including bedroom gadgets.

Sex toy brand Lelo has teamed up with delivery app Zapp to deliver cheeky packages right to your doorstep in just half an hour of ordering.

ECO-FRIENDLY TOYS: Your bedside drawer just got a lot greener.

Toys are now often made from biodegradable and recycled materials, powered by solar panels, and produce fewer greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process.

There are even organic condoms available.

RELATIONSHIPS LIQUID: Swing, polyamory and open marriage are no longer limited to Louis Theroux documentaries.

Fluctuating relationships, known as “ethical non-monogamy”, are becoming commonplace, according to Lawhoni.

GROUP CHEATS: Goop released their first private label sex toy and the £90 wand was completely sold out.

Luckily, our popular stores, from Nasty Gal to Lovehoney, have started selling similar matches at half price.

Try it, Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Vibrator Massage Stick, £39.99,

Channel 4'S New Documentary


Channel 4’s new documentary “Tits” featuring Megan Barton Hanson explores how women actually feel about their breasts.

HETEROFLEXIBILITY: Even if you identify as “mostly straight”, now is the time to embrace same-sex attraction.

Drop the labels and find your place on the spectrum of heteroflexibility.

intimate moments: Although we have returned to our fast lifestyle, sex experts predict that sex will remain slower.

Sessions can last up to several hours, and becoming a more “attentive” lover is the key to reaching new pleasurable heights.

PILLOW TALK: If the first dates weren’t awkward enough, Covid then brought with it the topic of vaccinations—before kisses or more intimate relationships, of course.

Instead of asking a question, dating apps now let you post your vaccination status on your profile.

KISS: After years of social distancing, we were now wincing and kissing in public – just like J-Lo and Ben Affleck.

A lingering kiss that lasts about 10 seconds can also release feel-good chemicals.

Get Inspired By Netflix Shows Like Bridgerton.


Get inspired by Netflix shows like Bridgerton.1 credit

LUBRICATE: A new wave of lubricants could improve the sexual experience, and with a little research, you might be able to find your perfect match.

There is something for everyone with a variety of water-based, oil-free, silicone, organic and vegan lubricants.

Not only that, they also come in different flavors.

MORNING SEX: Starting the day with a small handkerchief is not only uplifting, but it can also reset you to seven years of life.

A recent study found that people in their 40s and 50s who looked younger than their age claimed to have sex about three times a week.

NETFLIX SEXFLIX: It’s not Netflix and chill anymore, it’s Netflix and thrill.

From sexy shows like The Woman in the House Across the Street and The Girl in the Window to Dark Desire, Sex/Life and more, the popular streaming platform has become a place to watch action packed action.

OUTER COURSE: Teasing is no longer just for beginners, as looks will become more popular than intercourse, says sexual health brand Lelo.

Think of a sensual massage, “ear play” – that is, foreplay around the ears – and much more.

Taking the time to study instead of rushing to the finish line promotes better communication.

PODCASTS: Spotify is flooded with weird stories to lift your spirits – check out Dipsea – or sex therapists talking about perversion – check out Foreplay Radio.

There is also a subscription-based startup, Emjoy, providing both hands-on audio sessions and erotic content.

Eco-Friendly Toys Are Available, Such As Organic Condoms.


Eco-friendly toys are available, such as organic condoms.1 credit

QUALITATIVE: Now more single people than ever consider themselves “consciously single” as the pandemic forced them to abandon dating apps.

Expect far less one night stands as people are looking for quality over quantity when it comes to sexual relationships.

ROLE-PLAYING GAME: For those who are still WFH, getting into character has become more common to spice things up after a day’s work.

Get inspired by Netflix shows like Bridgerton.

SITUATIONS: The pandemic has made non-romantic sex more popular than ever, according to the National Sexual Relationships and Lifestyle Survey.

However, instead of having sex with strangers, many seek closer to home and meet up with a friend.

TECH TOYS: Fun on the go is thriving.

According to sex toy brand Satisfyer, 2021 saw a huge surge in sales of their wearable products, which are then linked to an app that you or someone else can control.

LINEN: Bras were thrown into the back of a panty drawer and pants got bigger during the lockdown, but now, according to Klarna, sexy lingerie sales are back in the top spot with a 1,000 percent jump in lingerie sales since the pandemic.

A sexy red lingerie set is £28 at Ann Summers.

VIRTUAL RELATIONSHIPS: After years of social distancing, single people are now more willing to go the extra mile in search of true love.

According to dating app Plenty Of Fish, half of its users have set their location preference “anywhere” – more than ever before.

WORD: The online word game Wordle has become a global craze, and psychologists say couples who play together are more likely to improve relationships.

Contrary to popular belief, it is those who have similar interests, not opposites, who attract.

X MEN’S KINK STYLE: Kink becomes less taboo.

The popular Netflix show Sex, Love & Goop explores some unconventional sexual activities, and the website Goop offers shoppers to buy a pair of “wolverine claws” that can be used to pet their lover.

Yoni massage: Searches for “yoni massage” are up 100% year-on-year in 2021, and the trend towards sexual wellness is set to continue. It is said to improve your sex life and relieve any tension or pain.

There are dedicated massage therapists, or this can be done by a person or a partner.

ZONING: Sensory sex is a big health trend that aims to engage as many of the senses as possible to enhance pleasure and intimacy.

When it comes to touch, think about erogenous zones like the insides of your wrists and feet, but don’t forget other senses too, from sight to taste or smell.

The Lovehoney Deluxe Mini Vibrator With Rechargeable Massage Stick Is £39.99.


The Lovehoney Deluxe Mini Vibrator with Rechargeable Massage Stick is £39.99.1 credit

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