September 22, 2021

From Cowde to Chelsea recently, PSG have bid for Mbabane from Real Madrid, from Curtis Jones to Austin Villa

Good morning football fans.

Get up and shine this Bank Holiday Monday – there’s still a lot of transfer drama left in this crazy window.

With clubs reluctant to get last-minute deals on the line ahead of Tuesday evening’s deadline, Chelsea are still with Julius Cowde.

But reports suggest the Blues will have to lose another 25 25 million if they want to take their man from Sevilla.

Eddie Naktiya also looks ready to give up the disturbing weapons, Crystal Palace hopes he will.

AC Milan have also confirmed the arrest of Timau Bakayoko from Chelsea, while Tommy Abraham went on a spectacular strike for Roma.

And reports suggest that Declan Rice to Chelsea are not far off the table next summer.

Following his achievements at Euro 2020, the England man has been the highlight of the campaign for the Hammers so far.

And the Blues are reportedly ready to grab their man after the season ends in May.

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