September 22, 2021

Friends, Simpsons and Crystal Maze top the list of 90’s reminiscences.

According to a study, Friends, The Simpsons and Crystal Maze are the best things about the 90’s.

A study of 2,000 adults found that six out of 10 people remember about a decade old, and the results show that television is the aspect that people remember the most.

Friends came to the fore in a survey of 90's memories.


Friends came to the fore in a survey of 90’s memories.Credit: Scholar
Simpsons was one of the oldest memories of the 90's.


Simpsons was one of the oldest memories of the 90’s.Credit: Scholar

Other popular shows of the era include The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Buffett the Vampire Slayer and now Fab.

For three out of 10 adults, music also had a huge impact, with Spice Girls, Take That, Oasis and West Life being the most memorable of these artists.

Others liked the fashion trends of the decade, including double denim, low rise jeans and bran necklaces.

Playing snakes on the phone, Tamaguchis and Power Rangers also take people back more than 30 years.

Spokesman My protein., Who began research in conjunction with his’ 90s-themed event ‘Impact Week’, said: Is for both happiness and frustration.

“It was an era of provocative fashion and recreational sports like skateboarding or roller blading that has been an inspiration to the younger generation over the past year.

“And with the recent return of famous musicians and actors of the decade, these old memories will last for a while.”

Those who have been tormented for decades think that the best things are CD Walkman, VHS tape and video rental shops.

Other blasts in the past include the Nokia 3210s, Game Boys and MSN Instant Messenger.

While Poly Pocket and POGS are toys that people have been associated with since the 90’s.

Of the respondents born in the last 20 years, 42% searched the 90s through social media, while 38% learned through movies, television and music.

Generation Z has embraced the classic trends of the 90’s, with 34% agreeing that it was a fun decade for fashion and culture, while 32% believe it was a 90s TV show and movie. His rebirth has given air to his madness.

90s kids

And 14% of those who live at the moment still enjoy wearing their old clothes, while baggy clothing is making a significant comeback on a quarterly basis.

Although one in 10 think low-rise jeans should last forever in the 90s, 12 percent think track suits need to be sent back to the past.

Only two-fifths of those polled through the One Poll view the 90s as vintage, with about 37% agreeing that it was their best decade.

Old memories come when happy times and childhood memories come to the fore, only two out of five find comfort in remembering the past.

A spokesman for MyProtein added: “Thinking about the past is a fun way to build relationships with colleagues and find motivation to do something different.

“And as we can see, the madness of the ’90s is not going to end anytime soon, which is why we decided to include Impressions Week.”

The Crystal Maze took third place.


The Crystal Maze took third place.Credit: Handout.
Spice Girls lost just one place in the top three.


Spice Girls lost just one place in the top three.Credit: Scholar
The 1997 film Titanic was the only film in the top 10.


The 1997 film Titanic was the only film in the top 10.Credit: Scholar

The best 50’s of the 90’s.

1. Friends.

2. Simpsons

3. Crystal Maze.

4. Spicy girls.

5. VHS tape

6. Titanic.

7. Take this

8. Video Rental Shops.

9. CD Walkman.

10. Nokia 3210s

11. Harry Potter fever

12. Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

13. Playing snakes on your phone.

14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

15. Now Fab.

16. Art Attack.

17. Sabrina teen witch.

18. Waste Life.

19. Britney Spears

20. Gender and city

21. Boy Zone.

22. Saved by Bell.

23. Bert Pop.

24. Baywatch

25. Sports boys

26. AOL / MSN Instant Messenger.

27. Biker Guru.

28. Back Street Boys.

29. Live and kick.

30. SMTV Live

31. Tamaguchis.

32. Macarina.

33. B * Witched

34. The child of destiny.

35. Canon and nail.

36. Benny Babies.

37. Romeo and Juliet.

38. 10 Things I Hate

39. Poly Pocket.

40. Round turn

41. Dawson Creek.

42. Unaware

43. Space jam.

44. New kids on the block.

45. Groove check.

46. ​​Power Rangers.

47. Pig.

48. N * Sync.

49. Sweet Valley High.

50. Sister sister

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