September 21, 2021

French Prime Minister Castek defended the right of anti-vaccination protesters to rally.


For the eighth week in a row, French Prime Minister Jean-Costa Rico has strongly opposed anti-vaccination rallies, defending the protesters’ grievances and protesting against the government’s efforts.

“There is a full right to demonstrate and to oppose the vaccine or the health pass,” Caustax told the TV program. We are alive

“But we do not intend to use these objectives to make anti-Semitic remarks,” he added. We do not have the right to go to vaccination centers and burn vaccines, we do not have the right to oppose the physical attack on a waiter in a cafe.

More than 115,000 people have been killed in France since the first wave. Of epidemic In January 2020. French health services reported about 10,000 new cases of the infection on Saturday.

The French Interior Ministry said more than 140,000 people had joined the protest. France on Saturday. Express your anger about the mandatory anti-coronavirus vaccine. Health workers And proof of double vaccination or recent PCR test is required to enter cafes, restaurants and museums.

After 200, protesters came to the clash with the police after the forum Dace Halls Mall in Central Paris. Other protesters marched on St. Charles in Marseille and marched through Pompeii in Nantes.

“In the anti-wax campaign, there are people who don’t know, who are scared and we should never make fun of people who are scared,” Caustax said.

“It is the responsibility of the government to clarify the truth. We believe that it is a coed that has serious side effects. No vaccine has been monitored as closely as the cove vaccine in all countries.”

Florin Philippe, a politician pushing for protests, told supporters in Paris on Saturday to be ready to take to the streets next weekend to increase pressure on the government.

“We have a certain number of barriers because the epidemic is here,” Caustax told the program.

“When you are vaccinated, you can still transmit the virus. Vaccination is here, but there is also an epidemic. What would be the alternative if you did not have a health pass? Stop, as we know. The pass is useful. Keep it where it is useful and it produces results.


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