September 18, 2021

French President Macron’s possible Pegasus spyware targets include: NGO

Phone numbers used by French President Emmanuel Macron and senior members of his government are among the possible targets of Pegasus spyware supplied to several governments around the world.

“We’ve got these numbers, but we obviously couldn’t do a technical analysis of Emmanuel Macron’s phone,” Laurent Richard, head of Forbidden Stories, told LCI Television.

“But it shows that he was interested in any issue,” he said.

“If this fact is established, it is clearly very serious,” said a spokesman for Macron’s office.

Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron’s phone number was among the 50,000 people believed to have been identified by clients of the Israeli firm NSO as interested since 2016, according to Pegasus Cyber ​​Surveillance Technology. Are developers. Photo: POL / Ludovic MARIN

The Paris-based media is nonprofit, and Amnesty International’s initially banned number of banned news, banned stories, which he then shared with media organizations, including the Washington Post, The Guardian and Le Monde.

According to reports, Macron’s phone number was among the 50,000 people believed to be the clients of the Israeli firm NSO, developer of Pegasus Cyber ​​Surveillance Technology, since 2016. Was identified

Activists, journalists and politicians have been targeted around the world, causing widespread fear of privacy and human rights abuses.

Newsletters with access to the magazine said more details about the compromisers would be released in the coming days.

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