September 18, 2021

French expert says cigarettes are cheaper to catch cancer.


On September 1, the price of some cigarettes in France fell by one percent, described by lung specialist Professor Bertrand Dotzenberg as a marketing effort by the tobacco industry, an industry that kills half of its loyal customers. Is.

“The end of the cigarette era is near,” Dotzenberg said. France told Info yesterday.. “That’s why they’re fighting.”

The professor acknowledged that price changes are purely symbolic, as some brands have seen their prices rise, and the global impact is virtually invisible.

Cigarette promotion.

But, as it will bring the price of many brands below the psychological level of 10 euros, the professor believes it will help boost the cigarette market.

Brands popular among young people are targeted by the new pricing structure.

Before the start of the anti-cancer campaign, tobacco was a large sector, with 84 billion cigarettes sold. That number is now 32 or 33 billion, which represents a huge reduction.

“And,” says Bertrand Dotsenberg, “there will be no cigarettes at all in twenty years, because no one will want to buy them.”

One in four French people smoke regularly, but the number has only recently begun to increase.

Explaining this change in a long-standing trend, Professor Dotzenberg said that the effect of covid has been complex.

This is not because people were often at home and often bored, but because they could no longer cross the border into Belgium to buy cheap cigarettes. As a result, demand for French tobacco shops rose by 15% in some selling points near the northeastern border.

Bought in France.

More cigarettes were bought in France during various incarcerations, but the amount of tobacco use appears to be significantly stable.

Dotsenberg says it’s over for the tobacco industry.

“In the next 15 years, there will be less than 5% of smokers in schools, as is already the case in the United States.

“Quit smoking.”


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