September 20, 2021

Free School Uniform Scheme Gift 1,156 items.

Initially piloted in 2019, it is partnering with the growing scheme Mid and East Antrim Community Advice Services (MEACAS) and volunteering now.

It can cost more than £ 300 per child to buy a school uniform ready for the new school year. The rising cost of school uniforms can cause emotional and financial stress for low-income families. It could also mean that there are no grammar school options for Borough’s 30,000 school children.

In some cases, families have explained the choice between eating and taking their children out of school. It can also push families into debt, with some saying they have had to turn to debt sharks.

The council’s free uniform scheme has helped about 2,200 families.

Councilor William McKaghi, mayor of the Mid and East Interim Borough Council, said: “Unfortunately, the rising cost of school uniforms can be a decisive factor in choosing a school. Low-income families say grammar The cost of school uniforms is prohibited, which increases the loss margin.

The Council and our partners want this to change and continue to work hard to fight poverty in our borough.

“This year the scheme has helped 173 families, donated 1,156 school uniforms, and our community and staff have truly reflected the efforts that help families ensure that their The children are ready for the new school year.

“Thank you very much to all those who generously donated school uniforms to our five domestic recycling centers during the fortnight in July.”

The Northern Ireland Poverty Bulletin, published for the financial year April 2018 to March 2019, states that 24% of children in Northern Ireland live in poverty, which is approximately 10,107,000 children, or about 10 per cent of all children. There is a quarter. It is a clear statistic that the real economic impact of the Covid 19 epidemic remains to be seen. Unemployment is expected to rise by the end of this year, with the end of the government’s furlough scheme.

Anyone who needs last minute items can contact MEACAS on 028 9600 1333.

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