October 20, 2021

France’s Sonofi shelves the coveted MRNA vaccine as rivals advance.


French pharmaceutical company Sonofi has delayed development of its Covid 19 Messenger RNA vaccine, citing delays, but is moving ahead with testing of its second traditional corona virus.

With Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna already dominating the market, Sanofi said she would skip Phase 3 clinical trials on her mRNA shot because it would be too late to be competitive.

The decision comes despite positive results from the first two trials, because 12 billion coronavirus vaccine doses will already be ready by the end of the year.

Preliminary trial data showed antibody production in 91-100% of participants two weeks after the second injection. No side effects were observed, and tolerance levels were higher than other MRNA vaccines.

Developed in collaboration with Job. Translate bio., An American biotech company that Sonofi bought in August for 7 2.7 billion.

No more mRNA vaccines are needed.

Thomas Triumph, vice president of the Sanofi Vaccines Division, said there was no need for public health for another messenger RNA vaccine.

This technology works by teaching the body to make harmless pieces of so-called covid.Spike proteinWhich in turn stimulates the production of antibodies.

Although this technology has been studied for decades, its application is quite recent.

Triumph said the favorable results of Sanofi’s MRNA product have encouraged the company to use the technology to “equip France and Europe with mRNA vaccine weapons to fight new diseases for future epidemics.” Be prepared for “.

When the traditional Sanofi on the way.

Sonofi has said she will now throw her efforts behind her second vaccine candidate in partnership with Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline.

The vaccine uses recombinant proteins to stimulate the immune response – the same technology used in the Sonofie seasonal flu vaccine.

With approval around December, the vaccine is already undergoing Phase 3 trials, with results expected before the end of the year.

The Sanofi-GS vaccine, which is cheaper and easier to store than its MRNA competitors, will require two initial doses followed by a booster shot.


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