September 17, 2021

France’s New Caledonia makes the Covid 19 vaccine mandatory for all adults.


The Parliament of New Caledonia, France, has unanimously voted to make the Covid 19 vaccine mandatory for all adults, including tourists. The South Pacific island has become only the fourth region in the world to have such a need.

A unanimous decision was reached on Friday. In the Congress of New CaledoniaThe last date for vaccination is December 31.

Despite the relatively low number of infections, authorities fear that the highly contagious Delta species, which has wreaked havoc in French Polynesia, could change the situation dramatically.

no Covid-19 Only 136 cases have been confirmed in New Caledonia since the onset of the epidemic.

The population is divided on this decision. To vaccinate Everyone is 18 years of age or older. “I find it completely unacceptable to force people to buy products they don’t want,” one man told France24.

4,700 km away, the recent rise in infection in French Polynesia has been a cause for concern.

Although New Caledonia’s borders have been practically closed since March last year, authorities fear a more contagious delta species could make it through tighter controls.

So far, only 32% of New Caledonia has been vaccinated.

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