September 23, 2021

France’s Macron says talks with the Taliban are not a sign of recognition.


Although the French withdrawal from Kabul has ended, President Emmanuel Macron has sought to keep the national focus on managing the Afghan crisis. Zone “to protect ongoing humanitarian work.

This was followed by an interview with TF1 Television on Sunday. Visit to IraqMacron said talks with the insurgents in charge of Afghanistan and other regional agencies are essential to save the lives of thousands of Afghans who still need protection.

“We have made a start Negotiations with the Taliban“This inclusion is not tantamount to recognizing the group as French” legitimate leaders of the country, “Macron said.

It should be noted that Kabul is controlled by the Taliban. Operationally, in practice, we should discuss this.

End on the plane.

A French diplomatic team in Kabul, including the ambassador and troops from the Apagan operation, landed Sunday at the Vallez-Villacoble military airport on the southwestern suburbs of Paris – at the end of an evacuation operation in which 2,800 people were evacuated to Paris. ۔

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan is also in its final stages, and is in danger of further attacks. Islamic State of Khorasan (ISIS -K) – The Taliban’s sworn enemy.

As US troops were due to leave by Tuesday, according to an agreement with the Taliban, about 100 countries, including France, issued a joint statement on Sunday revealing that the Taliban had agreed to continue the withdrawal.

Macron emphasized that France did not end up with Afghanistan, using interviews with both. TF1. And Sunday newspaper. (JDD) Newspaper to clarify its position on a country that has warned that it will send an influx of migrants to Europe.

“There are still thousands of Afghans on our list that we want to protect,” he told the JDD.

“Will we succeed? I can’t guarantee that.”

Severe conditions

Macron added that the talks took place on the condition that the Taliban respect human rights, women’s rights and that they do not collaborate with regional terrorist groups.

Macron was charged August 15 with the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul. Playing politics Following the warning that France and EU countries need a strong plan to prevent “illegal migration” from Afghanistan.

He later replied that his words had been “hijacked” and taken out of context.

To date, most asylum applications in France are from Afghan citizens, with more than 10,000 applications filed in 2020.


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