October 20, 2021

France’s Macron – Expat guide on the crowded field to defeat France.

In an uncertain political scenario, a crowd of candidates is vying to challenge Emmanuel Macron for the presidency in next year’s elections, the first round of which will take place on April 10, 2022.

Macron, who has been in power since 2017, has not officially announced his candidacy for a second term, but few doubt he will.

The most prominent figures in the race are:


– Marine Le Pen

She has already thrown her hat in the presidency since reaching the second round of the run-off in 2017, but then Macron defeated her.

Macron seems to have highlighted Le Pen as his main rival, leaving him behind by shifting his policies to the right. But the party has performed poorly in the recent local elections and some in the party have questioned its leadership.

– Eric Zammour

TV Pandit has gained a significant following for his die tribes against migration and Muslim headscarves. It has not yet confirmed plans to stand up, which would challenge Le Pen’s right-wing supremacy.

Zemmore has enjoyed a big boost in recent weeks, and for the first time in a poll this month, he predicts a second round, which has sent shockwaves through France’s political landscape.

the right

– Xavier Bertrand

The former minister, who was boosted by strong results in the regional elections, was one of the first to return in March. It is unclear whether he will run as a formal Republican candidate or as an independent.

– Michelle Barnier

The former EU Bridget negotiator announced his candidacy in August, immediately removing the right-wing region, saying he wanted a France that was “respectable” as well as a ban on immigration.

– Valerie Packers

The head of the Ile-de-France region, which includes Paris, announced his candidacy in July, saying he wanted to “restore French pride” and could emerge as a serious contender. But he faces stiff competition from all the male cast of celebrities for the traditional right-wing nomination.


– Ann Hedlgo.

The Socialist Party has been on the run since Francois Hollande’s one-term presidency (2012-2017), which became so unpopular that it did not even run for a second mandate.

Some believe that Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, may be his savior, but after announcing his candidacy, he has not yet been able to get out of the race and is struggling to gain national support.

– Yankee magic.

The former Greenpeace campaigner won the Green Party nomination in a contest against self-styled eco-feminist Sandren Rousseau in September. It faces the task of transferring the greens’ stunning victory in the 2020 local elections to the national level.

Far left

– Jane Lok Melanchun.

The leader of the far-left France Inbound Party was rapidly entering the starting blocks, announcing his candidacy months ago. But he will probably struggle to fulfill his efforts from the 2017 edition where he was a key element of the campaign and got about 20% of the vote in the first round.

– Arnaud Montberg

The former Dutch deputy minister took the field in September, promising a “remorda” (rebound) for France. Seen to the left of Hedalgo but more moderate than Melinchen, he ran in the left-wing presidential primary in 2011 and 2017 but failed to win the nomination.

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