October 22, 2021

France’s Lafarge has lost a verdict in Syria’s “crimes against humanity” case.


France’s top court on Tuesday quashed a lower court’s decision to drop charges against cement maker Lafarge, accused of involvement in crimes against humanity during Syria’s civil war.

The Court of Cassation’s decision is a major blow to Lafarge, who is accused of paying millions of euros to jihadist groups, including Islamic State, to continue his cement factory in northern Syria in the early years of the country’s war.

The French company is suspected of paying the Islamic State (IS) and other militant groups about 13 13 million to run its cement factory in northern Syria in 2013 and 2014, while other French firms are fighting the war. He was evacuated from the affected country.

He is also accused of buying petrol from IS and violating EU sanctions on Syria.

Lafarge finally left Syria in September 2014 when IS captured his plant in Jalabiya, about 150 kilometers northeast of the regional capital Aleppo.

Financing a terrorist group.

Eight Lafarge executives, including former CEO Bruno Lafont, have already been charged with financing a terrorist group and / or endangering the lives of Syrian cement workers.

In November 2019, the Court of Appeal in Paris. Cancel The company faces charges of crimes against humanity but retains charges of financing terrorism, violating sanctions and endangering the lives of others.

Eleven former employees of Lafarge Cement Syria, with the support of two NGOs, challenged the decision in France’s final appeals court.

Paris-based International Federation for Human RightsFIDHCalled the court’s decision “a major victory in the fight for corporate accountability for international crimes.”


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