September 18, 2021

France will send 10 million anti-covid vaccines to Africa over the next three months.


France will supply 10 million doses of the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines to the African continent over the next three months, following a new partnership between France and the African Union.

The vaccines will be distributed and distributed within the framework of AU’s African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (AVAT) and the partnership for equal vaccine rollout is known as Quakes. A statement Released by Elysee Palace on Monday.

Emphasizing France’s “solid partnership” with the AU, Macrowan said in a statement: “The epidemic can be controlled only through intense cooperation.”

President of South Africa Searle Ramaphosa. – which has strongly attacked the unequal access to vaccines with Macron – welcoming the announcement as “a strong and welcome sign of human solidarity and political cooperation at a time when the world needs it most.” ۔ “

Speaking after. G20 compact with Africa Speaking at a conference in Berlin on Friday, Ramaphosa said Africa was suffering “unjustified losses” in the race for access to vaccines.

In March this year, South Africa. One million AstraZeneca vaccines sold. Telling other AU countries that they are too much.

However, trials have also shown that the AZ vaccine was less effective against the South African variety at the time.

That’s enough for 400 million people.

AVAT Is a means of enabling group purchases of vaccines through TO Members should help meet at least 50% of their needs. Koviks aims to help countries meet the shortfall through donations.

A statement from Macron’s office said enough jobs had been purchased to enable 400 million people in Africa to be vaccinated by September 2022, costing a third of the continent’s population by September 2022 at a cost of ارب 3 billion. Is.

Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) in August Demand for ban on third feeding At least 19 anti-covid vaccines by the end of September, so that at least 10% of each country’s population can be vaccinated.

So far, low-income countries have been able to provide only 1.5 meals per 100 people due to a shortage of supplies.

300,000 for Congo.

Tea WHO The Republic of Congo said Monday it had received more than 300,000 doses of the vaccine from the United States, the first under the Caucasus.

The agency’s African branch said on Twitter that the donation was equivalent to 302,400 jobs for a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Congo, also called Congo BrazzavilleIn April, vaccinations were launched using the Chinese formula Synoform and Russia’s Sputnik.

But pick them up. Vaccines There has been very little, and widespread reluctance to vaccinate. By mid-August, less than 2% of Congolese population had been vaccinated.

On August 15, President Dennis. ساسو نوگوسو۔ Appealing to the public to get vaccinated, he said that collective immunity was the “only way to protect” in the fight against infectious diseases.

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