October 25, 2021

France rejects Mali’s claim, insists respect for election timetable


Both the French Foreign Ministry and the armed forces have vehemently denied accusations by Mali’s interim prime minister, Chuguel Maiga, that France is withdrawing troops from the war-torn region and leaving Mali.

“The change in our military disposal on the coast is neither a departure from Mali nor a unilateral decision,” State Department spokeswoman Anne Claire Legendary said Monday.

“And vice versa, it is wrong to confirm,” he added.

The comments came as Prime Minister Chiguel Maiga accused Paris of leaving the conflict-torn country “on a medium flight” and decided to reduce its troop numbers by the end of the year.

Maiga told the UN General Assembly on Saturday that he regretted the “unilateral declaration” and told the RFI on Sunday that he had learned through the press about the withdrawal of the French barracks force.

However, Legendary said France’s re-deployment to Mali came after “consultation with Sohail and financial officials”.

Don’t leave the organization again.

Paris began reorganizing its forces in June this year, removing Kadal, Timbuktu and Tesalt from its northern bases in Mali.

By 2023, the total number in the region will be reduced from 5,000 to between 2,500 and 3,000.

The new head of the French brigade in the area, General Laurent Mason, said the withdrawal from the three bases had been done in the past 18 months to two years.

“It was planned with the heads of state of the G5 zone” – Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad – in Bamako and Niamey

France is associated with Mali and other states. G5 Sohail.At his request, the war on terror is an absolute priority, “said Legendary.

Bad faith, immorality.

Defense Minister Florence Parley has expressed outrage that Paris sees the facts as distorted.

“France is not backing down, I want to correct these counter-truths,” he said on Monday. [in place]This is not the normal course of action for a country that intends to leave. “

PM Maiga’s remarks “show a lot of hypocrisy, bigotry and immorality” 52N.D. French soldier dies. The war on terror in Sohail

Election dates must be respected.

France also told the UN General Assembly on Monday that Mali was “mandatory” on its February 27, 2022 election timetable.

The reminder came after Mega confirmed to RFI that the interim government could postpone the scheduled vote for “two weeks, two months, a few months” to ensure they are credible. ۔

The election, promised by the interim president. Colonel Asimi Goethe., Especially in the regional ECOWAS block, aims to restore the following civil governance. Rebellion in August last year Against President-elect Ibrahim Boubacar Keita

The reaction of financial politicians.

The possibility of an amendment to the electoral calendar is also a matter of financial concern.

“It has been clear for some time that the government wants the postponement,” Jagoiba Keta of the Party of National Renaissance (PERINA) told RFE / RL. “Prime Minister Chougville took power on the street, he wants to keep it through fraud.”

“We have the skills and expertise to hold elections in five months, if there is a political will,” said Amado Quetta, head of the Socialist Party. […] If the Prime Minister thinks he is unable to hold elections, he should resign.

As far as former President ATT’s Economic Development and Solidarity (PDES) party is concerned, the things that are important are not procrastination in itself, but that it should be made collectively.

“It is important that everyone discuss possible delays,” said Maula Omar Haidara, PDES leader.


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