October 17, 2021

France raises gas prices but does not promise further increases before April 2022.


Gas prices in France rose 12.6 percent on Friday, but Prime Minister Jean Costa Rica said the government would curb rising natural gas prices to reduce consumer prices.

Caustics TF One told television. Thursday evening

On Monday, France’s energy regulator said NG gas prices would rise 12.6 percent on October 1. This is a 5% increase in the pre-tax price for households using gas for cooking and more than 14% for households with gas central heating.

Caustics said it would rise 12.6 percent, but that prices would remain at that level “until global prices fall”, which should be around April.

Gas prices have already risen 7.9 percent in September, reflecting a global rise in gas prices due to a number of factors, including low storage levels and low Russian supplies.

Prime Minister Castex. He also promised to protect homes from global increases in electricity prices.

He said the price increase, which would take place in February 2022, would be “limited to 4%”.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said earlier this week that he expects rising energy prices to continue for a few more months.

The French government said two weeks ago that it would pay 100 euros to 5.8 million households who receive energy vouchers to help reduce rising costs. Energy Blues.

Costax said the government would be willing to consider further action if currently planned measures are insufficient to reduce the burden on low welfare.


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