France opts for third shot to fight new wave, not lockdown

France has launched a plan to give all adults a booster shot against further lockdowns or curfews, to help the country deal with the worrying rise in infections.

PARIS – France launched a plan on Thursday to give all adults a COVID-19 booster shot, as it opted for another lockdown or curfew to help the country deal with a worrying rise in infections.

Veran also laid out a string of measures he sees as hardening the use of masks in public areas and said the country’s COVID pass, which is required in many indoor venues across the country, should be available if a person does not get a booster shot. If so, it will be invalid. Seven months after the second dose.

He said ten times more unvaccinated people are currently hospitalized due to the virus than those who have been vaccinated, adding that without a vaccine the country would already be in a state of lockdown.


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