September 18, 2021

France launched a controversial vaccine as soon as the fourth wave hit

French cinemas, museums and sports venues on Wednesday asked visitors to present evidence of the Covid 19 vaccine or a negative test as the country, which is suffering from a fourth wave of infection, has a controversial passport system for the vaccine. Has been deleted.

The so-called “health pass” is required for all events or venues with more than 50 people before extending to restaurants, cafes and shopping malls in August.

Prime Minister Jean Costak defended the policy, saying that almost all new infections were in people who had not been vaccinated.

The number of new infections in 24 hours rose to 21,000 on Wednesday, the highest level since early May.

Eiffel Tower
Visitors to the Eiffel Tower in Paris were offered a test if they did not have a vaccination proof. Photo: AFP / Bertrand Goye

“We are in the fourth wave,” Caustax told TF1 Television, adding that the goal of the health pass is to avoid a fourth lock across the country.

Health Minister Oliver Veran has sharply criticized vaccine refusal, accusing the government of undermining freedom of choice.

“Freedom is not about paying taxes, or misleading motorways, or smoking in a restaurant or refusing a vaccine that protects me as much as it protects others,” he told parliament. Is.”

The delta spread differently
Delta’s highly contagious disease is causing a dramatic increase in new infections, which have risen 150 percent in the past 24 hours a week. Photo: AFP / JOEL SAGET

The Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower were among the places that began implementing vaccine checks on Wednesday.

But while most tourists had their immunization certificates, shown on arrival, some French people had erred in the new rules.

Marie-Anne Rodriguez, 28, was surprised to find herself in the cinema after receiving a second shot of the vaccine in the Paris suburb of Rosne Sous Boys.

Anticode app
Millions have applied for jobs since Macron’s speech last week. Photo: AFP / Olivier Maureen

“That’s nonsense!” He said there was a need for full vaccinations for at least a week.

About 38 million people, representing 56% of the French population, have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the CuviderTucker.rf website.

About 46%, completely vaccinated.

The government aims to give one shot to at least one million people by the end of the summer.

French protest
New rules sparked nationwide protests over the weekend: Photo: AFP / GEF Van der Hasselt

Thousands of vaccine suspects took to the streets last week to protest new vaccine rules, accusing President Emmanuel Macron of running the vaccine “dictatorship”.

Sanctions have even been criticized by some lawmakers in the Macron Republic on the Move (LREM) party, which sees it as a threat to civil liberties.

“Public health protection has been our priority since March 2020, but it does not threaten the cohesion of our country,” LERM legislator Pakom Rupen said on Tuesday.

“The path to health is going to break our country,” he said.

Restaurant owners in particular are embracing the need to monitor their customers’ vaccination status before serving their customers.

In a concession on Thursday, Costax said it does not need to verify consumer identities and the government will not penalize locations during the first week of the new rules.

Thereafter, they face fines of up to 1,500 euros (7 1,700) for the first offense and further fines for subsequent violations.

Children between the ages of 12 and 17, who were only eligible for vaccinations in mid-June, will not need a pass in August, nor will they have to show anyone when they return to school in September.

The changes introduced Wednesday were enacted by decree, but lawmakers also began debating a bill that would extend the rules to restaurants next month, as well as allow trains or planes to travel longer distances. ۔

From September, vaccines will also be mandatory for healthcare and retirement home workers, many of whom are suspected.

Left-wing parties in particular have condemned the Health Pass as a violation of personal liberties, saying the government should try to persuade people instead of forcing them to get vaccinated against polio.

Other measures to curb the rise in new cases include a reintroduction of rules requiring the wearing of an outer veil in hotspots such as the West Coast area around Bordeaux, a popular holiday destination.

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