September 18, 2021

France lashes out at England over quarantine

France on Thursday said it had failed to understand why it was exempt from a new rule that would allow EU citizens who have been fully vaccinated to enter the UK without being detained. Is allowed.

From next week, travelers with a vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or the European Medicines Agency will be completely pressured to separate themselves at home by traveling from any country on the British government’s “amber” traffic light list. Will keep isolated 10 days, the British government said on Wednesday. The only exceptions are those from France.

“This decision discriminates against the French people,” said Clement Beaune, the French minister for European affairs.

“It is excessive and has no meaning in terms of health policy,” he told the LCITV channel, adding that “it has no basis in science.”

The UK seceded from France because of government concerns over the “permanent presence” of the beta variety, which is thought to be more resistant to vaccines.

United Kingdom.  Arrival in France
France resents Britain’s monopoly policy Photo: AFP / Daniel Level Olivas

But Beyonc said delta tensions accounted for less than five per cent of the cases of cowardice in France, and that they were found mostly in outlying areas, with relatively few people traveling to the UK.

Beyonc also said she regrets that travelers from the European Union are still unable to enter the United States, although American tourists can easily enter EU countries as long as they are vaccinated or Have a negative test.

“We should have kept our sleeves as a term card at the European level,” he said. “Perhaps Europe should have been tougher on negotiations.”

France reported only 28,000 cases of the virus in the last 24 hours on Wednesday and 40 new deaths from the virus.

A total of 111,768 people have died from coyote in France, according to health officials.

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