October 25, 2021

France 24 will broadcast Spanish 24/7 as it celebrates its 4th anniversary.


France 24’s Spanish-language channel starts broadcasting 24 hours a day on Friday as it celebrates its fourth anniversary.

It allows development. Channel To increase your competition Latin America, Continuously presenting news to viewers in Spanish, brand new morning shows, more news bulletins, magazines, reports and discussions – the same international coverage that viewers already get in English, French and Arabic.

France 24 Spanish had already doubled its broadcast time in September 2019 (6 to 12 hours a day).

Since its inception in 2017 (in partnership with Radio France International’s Spanish service), France has grown successfully in 24 Spanish Latin American countries: today it is one of 17 Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, as well as in Brazil. Is broadcast It is available in 12.5 million households, with partial broadcasts in Mexico, 12 million more.

14.2 million people in Colombia, Argentina and Mexico say they know France 24 (+ 26% vs. 2019) and more than 3 million say they watch the channel on TV every week (+ 56% vs. 2019). On digital platforms (website and app), France 24 averaged 2.8 million monthly visits (+ 6.4 vs 2020) in Spanish records. YouTube data shows over 91.4 million views since January 2021 (+26 vs 2020).

The channel’s 24/7 broadcasts will help it grow further and increase its audience in Latin America. Media surveys show that France 24 has already established itself in this part of the world and that its viewers value its credibility and cover its interests.


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