September 25, 2021

Four garbage collection groups gathering people.

UK cleaning trucks.

After driving long distances, Martin Bruce decided to do something about the frustrating piles of rubbish he saw every day on motorways and A-roads. He got into the habit of spending 30 minutes regularly in his taxi, collecting garbage in whatever lobby, rest stop or delivery depot he found. It was an opportunity to pull and breathe while driving.

Then, Bruce set up a Facebook group to urge other drivers to do the same, as well as to show the public that it’s not the drivers’ fault for throwing garbage, and it snowed. ۔

now, UK cleaning trucks. It has about 2,000 followers, and hundreds of lorry drivers regularly clean up, posting evidence of their efforts online. “Truck drivers can be part of the solution, not the problem,” says Bruce.

Photo: Schwoaze

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