September 20, 2021

Fortnight Season 8 start date and what to expect.

Season 7 of Fortnight is almost over, with Season 8 set to begin next week.

Epic Games has launched the Fortnight: Operation Skyfire event in which players will be seen entering the mothership and sending the last message of the IO to the attacking aliens.

The attack is set to end after a one-time event this weekend, but the island could be significantly changed by whatever happens.

The Fortnight Lakers have suggested the return of a familiar geometric face, along with some support for the game.

So let’s immerse ourselves in what we know about Fortnight Chapter 2 Season 8.

When does Fortnight Season 8 begin?

Although Epic Games has not confirmed the start date of Fortnight Season 8, it is very likely that it will be on Monday, September 13.

Of Season 7 Beetle Pass Page. There are indications that the current war pass will expire on September 12.

Then it happened that the new season will start on September 13, but of course that’s subject to change.

For now, it’s a very safe bet to understand when Season 8 will begin.

Fortnight Season 8 theme.

Of course none of this has been confirmed, but Laker and Detaminer suggest that we look at a desert biome.

This could be a post-Mab Max style theme, or an Egyptian theme.

With Fortnight. Hipex. A desert loading screen share that was seen a few weeks ago, he added, found four props in the files called ‘Desert Cactus’. When overlapped, they will act like bounce tires, launching players into the sky.

The loading screen itself has a vehicle and a character that will not show up in the Mad Max.

However, it may be that the Egyptian theme is on the way, revealing more themed objects than further file excavations. Hipex too. Joint Information suggests that the mother’s skin may be on the way.

Together with Pyramid POI, Leak makes a strong case for an Egyptian theme.

Along with a new theme, the island can be surprised with the possibility of a new mode. Just last month, Hipex. Tweeted Some alleged upcoming sites and POIs are likely to be coming in season 8.

“This map is large and has many other markings and incomplete POIs, and it’s still in use,” he said.

Fortnight skins and support

Along with a possible Max Max or The Mummy collaboration, skins, or themes, there are many other things that suggest what could happen in the Fortnight Skins department.

one more time, Hipex. Has dropped a tweet stating that Epic is working on another walking dead body. They think that Nigen, Rick or even both can make an appearance.

Meanwhile, a great deal of mobile phone support can also be on the card. Fortnight BR Reports that Naruto is inside, while another Fortnite Laker, TweaBR, Says a Dragon Ball Z crossover is also on the way.

Other rumors have been posted on a. Reddit thread. And back up the rumors (and hints from Epic CCO Donald Mustard) that Kevin de Cube is making a comeback.

It also refers to the restoration of the map, and what it looks like, like a Halloween theme or event called The Sideways.

The event will land monsters on the island, possibly in time for Halloween.

Fortnight Night Season 8 has all these rumors and news so far, but with Season 7 still about a week away, there’s not much time left to see what Epic has.

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Fortnight Chapter 2 – Season 7 Beetle Pass Trailer.

In other news, Call of Duty War Zone is having its most difficult mode ever with Season 5 Reload.

Meanwhile, Vanguard Alpha Players is not happy about any major missing feature before the full release.

And Rublox fans will eventually get voice chat – although the rollout will be slow.

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