September 18, 2021

Former marines and 200 rescue animals ‘safe haven’ after arriving in Kabul from Afghanistan

Former British army chief says ‘we must improve’

A former British army chief has said it is “incomprehensible why the government seems to be asleep” in terms of protecting Afghans who have helped soldiers and personnel.

Speaking on Times Radio, General Lord Richard Donat said: “On the particular issue of the people we knew were at risk, the people who worked for us, the spokespersons, the locally busy ex-citizens, this The problem has been in the media.

“This issue has been on the table of politicians for two to three years and, of course, it has been present this year.

“I mean, you remember, in July, 45 senior officers wrote an open letter to the government, saying there were people we were worried about and if we didn’t do the right thing. So their blood is on our hands.

“I think the problem of Afghanistan sat on the back burner. Maybe it was starting to come forward. But then, all of a sudden, when the Taliban took over the country the way they did, it went straight from the cooker to the kitchen floor.” Fell and we … it was to create chaos.

“We should have done better, we could have done better. We need to know why the government did not accelerate.”


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