September 23, 2021

Former French Prime Minister Flynn is facing a new inquiry into financial mismanagement.


His lawyer said on Friday that former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, who is seeking a five-year prison sentence for embezzling public funds, was being re-investigated by financial prosecutors over payments to an aide.

Lawyer Antonin Levy accused the office of the National Financial Prosecutor (PNF) of witchcraft and said فلون۔, Who served as Prime Minister under Nicholas. Sarkozy From 2007-2012, there was nothing wrong.

The PNF did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

French media say prosecutors are investigating whether Flynn broke the law by paying an assistant to a conservative politician when he returned to parliament as prime minister after serving as prime minister. Helped write a book published in 2015.

Prosecutors suspect that the author, Moll Reinward, who was employed as Flynn’s parliamentary assistant from 2013 to 2015, was in fact working on Flynn’s book to formulate his 2017 election manifesto in the presidential election. Giving.

“We are not talking about a novel or fiction. We are talking about a book that expresses the legislator’s political vision.

“If a politician can’t write a political book, what’s the point of being a legislator?” He added.

It is against French law for an individual to use public funds for private gain.

In 2020, a court found Flynn guilty. A scam that saw him pay his Welsh-born wife, Penelope, about € 1 million (1. 1.2 million) over a period of years, without any real work or even his presence in the National Assembly in Paris. Despite the evidence.

The revelations boosted Fallon’s chances of seizing the presidency and cleared the way for centrist Emmanuel. Macron. Claiming a resounding victory, Flynn’s Republicans and Socialists are still struggling to recover.

According to RTL Radio, which first reported the new allegations, Reynolds was paid 38 38,000 in public money, which raises suspicions from France’s OCLCIFF anti-corruption agency.

Sources said Flynn was questioned about payments by the PNF earlier this year.

“This investigation is from 2017, like the original investigation. They put this element aside so that it can be served on an appeal to further defame his name,” Levy said.

The latest allegations could affect the center-right campaign for the 2021 presidential election, at a time when it is struggling to agree on a single candidate for the ticket.

(France 24 with Reuters and AFP)


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