September 20, 2021

Former Clyde 1 DJ Knox tied the knot at a secret Florida wedding.

A popular Radio The presenter tied the knot in a top secret ceremony over the weekend.

Diane Knox, also known as Knox, married her husband, Garrett Balas, in a beautiful Florida ceremony on Saturday.

The former host of Clyde 1 surprised his fans with a shocking announcement on his Twitter profile. He said: “Surprise … Introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Balas, September 4, 2021 We did!”

He has been living in the states since 2016.

Prominent faces from Glasgow and the West congratulated the newlyweds.

Taggart and River City star Colin McCreddy also wished the newlyweds well.

And current Clyde 1 DJ Casey revealed that he watched the live stream of the event while eating cheetahs.

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