October 21, 2021

For God and Country: The First Methodist Church joins the Kiwani Flag Program in honor of Marine Davis. News

The first United Methodist Church in Paris hoists United States flags in honor of the first retired American Marine and patriot.

When Norman Davis, 97, told his Grace Sunday School class that he was ashamed that flags were not flying near the church on July 4, class president Juan Parkman decided to address the shortcomings.

The next day he met with other class members and planned to purchase 25 flags from the Kiwani Club, along Lamar Avenue, in front of the Church Haram and along Clarks Will Street for holidays including Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July.

When Davis learned last week that flags were flying, he told his wife, Patsy Davis, that he wanted to see them now.

“I think it’s awesome,” Norman Davis said from the couple’s room in East Paris. “I’m basically a patriot, and I want nothing but the best for my America.”

However, the Marines expressed concern about the current attitude of the American people as they compared the country to the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which God destroyed because of the evil within.

“The attitude of people inside Americans isn’t doing much to increase my pride, so if we can put up flags around our churches, it would be a sign that we’re still on it,” Davis said. Believe in what God wants for America. ” This year, Grace Class plans to offer a flag program to other church members to increase the number of flags to cover the entire church property, including the water park to the west. “The plans aren’t concrete yet, but it would be nice to have them around the park.”

In the afternoon, Parkman confirmed that work was underway to expand the Church Flag program.

“These flags are in honor of Norm’s 97th birthday, which was July 27,” Parkman said. “Next year, we’re going to open a program for the whole church.”

Asked what is it about Norman Davis that influences patriotism, Grace Klaas responded so quickly.

“Normal is a precious, patriotic gentleman, and he loves his country, flags, church and God, so when he said he left himself because on this day (July 4) flags in our church No, I thought to myself, ‘Well, you won’t feel like leaving for long because we’re going to take it one way or the other.

Flags will continue to fly throughout Paris until September 11 to commemorate the attack on the United States 20 years ago.


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