October 17, 2021

Flight Club will open its first Scottish Darts venue in Glasgow City Center.

A new social darts venue called ‘Flight Club’ will open in Glasgow City Center.

The city’s licensing board has issued a premise license to owners, allowing the sale of liquor.

The members decided after hearing that the company was “extremely experienced in running these highly specialized entities”.

It will be part of the Loose Loan Development, a major overhaul of the area overlooking the northeast corner of George Square.

Stephen McGowan, who represents the Flight Club, said کلب 3.75 million would be invested in the club.

In recent days you have heard from me and others what the market now refers to as places of competitive socialization, where the main focus is a competitive activity, in a case that is very much focused on electronic, social darts.

“Flight Club is one of the foremost of this type of expert operator. It started back in 2012 and its success has attracted a lot of attention.”

He said his clients have eight locations in England and three in the United States, and have now chosen Glasgow for their first Scottish site.

The new coverage on 266 to 280 George Street will be able to hold 375 people, and is expected to create between 30 and 40 jobs.

Visitors can rent a high to play a variety of darts games, which is estimated to be risky. They can also place orders. the meal And drinks.

Mr McGowan said: “Although the dartboard may look like a traditional dartboard, it is an electronic dartboard. There is a state-of-the-art technology behind these things.

The Lone Lone Development on the corner of George Street and North Frederick Street will include Marriott’s 245-bed AC hotel.

The Chris Stewart Group is behind the project, which will also see a 20-storey residential block, offices and recreational use. This includes the renovation of two listed buildings, the parish halls and the former Inland Revenue house.

A new pedestrian lane, also known as Lone Lone, will be built, connecting North Frederick Street to John Street.

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