September 18, 2021

Flex Skin Care is a game-changing beauty trend that you need to know.

Where do we learn? Skin care Habits from? Most of us have never been educated on our complex needs. QuickWhich is strange, provided it is our largest organ and the first line of defense against external aggressors. How do we decide which one? Serum And solutions to implement above our precious barrier? Ermmm; we see what everyone else is doing, take a pound and see if our face kicks?

That’s something. Shine prescription. The founders, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, want to speak. Setting the glue as a guide. K-Beauty. In 2014, the Curation brand, he focused on creating his own products, inspired by everything he learned from his Korean ancestry and over a decade, in product development at Laurel in New York where he met. Just learning the ropes.

“From a young age, I was taught to treat your skin like a delicate child,” Sarah explained on ZoomCall from the States. “In the long run, if you’re using powerful ingredients that aren’t buffered properly, or you’re rubbing, pulling and pulling your skin, versus gently tapping or pressing your product, it’s It’s going to cause allergies. ”

She makes a good point. Western skin care is primarily for repair and repair. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. In the East, “Skin care is an important part of our daily routine. Prevention – through Hydration, SPF protection., Double cleaning And Apply the right product – Always at the forefront, “explained Sarah.

Two philosophies guide the way: first, to be gentle, and second, to pay full attention to your skin’s needs. “Beauty focuses on learning how and why each ingredient. But also, there is a very gentle way to make products. The idea is that there is no reason to compromise on utility, even a gentle way. me also.

The brand new Guava is launching Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum (£ 41, September 6). Cult Beauty.). Vitamin C The bottle is notoriously unstable and irritates the skin. “We were able to do something called dual encapsulation,” Christine explained. “Vitamin C is water-soluble and our skin is hydrophobic, which means it blocks water.” We coated our vitamin C complex in a very thin layer of oil, which means it can slip more effectively than the skin layers. Vitamin C stays stable longer, and it slowly micro-releases over time, so you’re getting the right amount of soft food, which increases efficiency but reduces irritation.

And, like the pink packaging, the gel texture and the inclusion of guava have some guts behind it. “We wanted an ingredient that could work with vitamin C and we wanted a juicy fruit that’s great for your skin and body. We learned that guava is four times more. Antioxidants Compared to an orange, “explained Sarah, which is why it’s part of the headline.

So, will it give us? Mirror-like skin of glass What is that brand known for? Swear, but that’s not really the case. “When we first introduced glass skin, the whole idea was to come up with tips and tricks to get amazing shiny skin,” explained Sarah. “But it’s not meant to be taken literally. Translucent, reflective skin that is completely flawless and flawless is unrealistic. Our goal is simply to encourage healthy skin.

Instead, they’re advocating a more fluid approach – “Flex Skin Care” if you prefer – which is more individual and comprehensive. “Your skin is different every day, so it’s important to be able to flex the product in and out, and customize the treatment accordingly so that it suits your skin’s needs at the moment.” I need a lot of education and empowerment, but we’re here for it. “It’s really about making sure you have a personal conversation with your skin, that you’re listening and that That you are not putting yourself in a certain routine or skin type that you were told about many years ago. Having this flow is incredibly important for a healthy skin routine, so we’re teaching you how to tailor your serum to your daily needs.

As far as how to add their new vitamin C guava serum, “using a little guava Plump Plump Hyaluronic Serum (£ 37), Helps to fill every layer of skin with hydration and dirt, so it would be great if you have concerns about dehydration or dullness. “If you have redness and sensitivity, with the fear of shining, you will use guava as well. Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum (£ 38)“You can apply textures and serums to create your own incredible bespoke glow,” she adds. “You can apply anything from thin textures to thick textures, but the reality is.” I, I just like to combine the two and apply it perfectly. “

The ultimate goal? “We want our community to experiment with their skin and try different soft formulas and ingredients. That way they can understand what their skin really likes, instead of resorting to formulas. ۔

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