Five tricks to find the best deals at thrift stores

It’s not just students anymore who realize that charitable shopping is easy on the pocket and the planet.

But with an increase in people switching to previously beloved chic, digging out the best deals can be difficult.


We give you the best tips on how to find great deals at thrift stores.1 credit

If you want to return something you love, follow my advice to hunt down a lot. . .

EXIT THE CITY: Heading further afield is a good way to find great deals, especially in areas with less traffic. It’s worth it, only if it doesn’t cost you more gas, parking, or public transportation. But you could ride with a friend and make money on it all day.

TO MAKE FRIENDS: Always ask staff about when they get new items, when they list them, and let them know if you’re looking for something in particular. Visiting regularly is a great way to understand what lands and when, as well as get to know the staff.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: Write the list as if you were going to the supermarket. So you don’t waste your money. Buying the classics is a great bet – Levis jeans, white shirts and colored t-shirts are a good investment at all times.

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Before you go, check out the auction sites to see what items are trending. This way you know you can sell the item, possibly for a profit, once you put it on.

RAIL SALE: Ask employees if they have a reduced rail. Thrift stores want to clear stock and get new stuff, so they often discount one rake. I found £1 Zara items on these rails.

Many thrift stores keep jewelry and other small items, such as sunglasses, under the counter that many lack. So always check!

CLICK ON THIS: Can’t get to the shops? Search for great deals without getting up from the couch. Go to and you will find Oxfam at 50% off while has great vintage clothes.

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Deal of the day

Save £3.47 On The George At Asda Medium Scented Yankee Candle.


Save £3.47 on the George at Asda Medium Scented Yankee Candle.1 credit

TREAT yourself with this medium-scented Yankee Candle from George at Asda, now £6.50, usually £9.97.

SAVE: £3.47

Cheap pleasure

Treat Yourself To Two 2-Litre Bottles Of Fanta At B&M For £3.


Treat yourself to two 2-litre bottles of Fanta at B&M for £3.1 credit

ENJOY a glass of Fanta. You can get two 2 liter bottles of fizz at B&M for £3. Usually 1.60 pounds per piece.

SAVE: 20r

What’s the news?

THINKING about buying a hot tub? Now might be the time.

Homebase has cut the price of the CleverSpa from £580 to £300 and Morrisons is selling the Lay-Z-Spa for £300 instead of the £449 suggested retail price.

Top swap

Why Spend £79.99 On This Lion Rug For Kids From


Why spend £79.99 on this lion rug for kids from…1 credit
...When You Can Save £40 With This H&M Home Scam For Just £39.99


…when you can save £40 with this H&M Home scam for just £39.991 credit

MAKE the nursery look like a roar – some with this lion rug, £79.99 from, or head to H&M Home where a similar version is £39.99.

SAVE: £40

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Shop and save

Grab Morrison'S Wonky Carrots And Save 6P


Grab Morrison’s Wonky Carrots and Save 6p1 credit

USE Morrisons Wonky Carrots, which taste just like their “ideal” counterparts and cost 29p per kilo instead of 35p.

SAVE: 6r


SHOP UP during Lidl Arts and Crafts Week: felt tip sets from £2.49 and sewing kits from £2.99.

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