September 20, 2021

Five Trends You Need to Invest Right Now

If you are wondering what accessories to invest in to eliminate these things. Autumn trends For 2021, then I have two words for you: ankle boots. They are high on the Sertorial agenda, and it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s a slim line slide sleeves, or a tank track civil boot, the best ankle boots will seamlessly adapt to your existing wardrobe and elevate any outfit, from a knitted track suit to the best. Even winter clothes.

Although we may still be in the summer (although the weather wants to be different), they are still a great shoe option for this difficult summer to winter transition, especially when paired with a small linen suit. Together or Summer clothes.

As always, the catwalk is a great resource when it comes to your new season wardrobe, and this season was no exception, although most designers presented their collections digitally.

The Cowboy Boots, after being a bit of a bad representative in recent seasons, are now officially back in fashion, as seen by Isabel Marant and Celine, and we want them to have big jeans and a Team up with the blazer for the ultimate French girl chic.

Good dressing is an important trend of AW21 and it extends to your legs. Now that we are allowed to resume our social life, it’s all about dressing up for that part. Think of second boots and metallic toes with sky high heels – check out Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton for inspiration.

That said, if you’re following a simple approach, don’t worry: Chunky Trek’s only boat isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the likes of Match Fashion and Net-a-Porter have already re-stocked the best-selling shoes from Prada, Di Ro and Balenciaga, so you’re all set.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, High Street is packed with them, from ARKET to Zara and H&M. For a more stylish salute, look for Chelsea ankle boots, which are never out of style. Winter boots).

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