Five Free and Cheap Ways to Find the Best World Book Day Costume for Your Kids

ATTENTION! This year is World Book Day.

Whether your child is a Roald Dahl or Horrible Henry fan, learn how to create an inexpensive costume for them to wear to school next Thursday.


ATTENTION! World Book Day is approaching this year

WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE: Gangsta Granny by David Walliams is popular – just gray your child’s hair with talcum powder and wear a floral print dress.

If they have a red hat and blue coat, they might go with the Paddington Bear outfit. Add marmalade sandwiches as props.

Where Wally is also easy. Find a red and white striped top or buy a red and white striped scarf on Amazon for £3.39.

CARRY THIS: If your child still likes last year’s outfit, let him wear it again. Or she and another child could swap what they wore before.

Another idea is eBay or Gumtree where I found Mr Bump’s suit for £8.50.

Savvy Thrift Stores are also stocking costumes this week, so check it out.

GET Agility: This is only for the brave and those who know how to sew. But Hobbycraft’s Simplicity Patterns animal costume pattern costs £6, up from £12.

It also has craft card sets so you can make a 3D knight, shark or dinosaur head that your child can wear – £8 each.

BE ARTIFICIAL: If you’ve raided the fancy dress box, why not freshen up their outfit with some face paint? See the World Book Day tutorials on YouTube.

I found a reptile tutorial that is perfect if your little one is going to be the Selfish Crocodile. Face paints can be bought in Poundland.

CHEAP AND FUN: George in Asda has a lot of trendy discounted suits.

These include Willy Wonka’s golden ticket costume, now £8 less than £10, and The Hungry Caterpillar has been reduced from £14 to £11.20.

At B&M, get costumes starting at £7.99, including Alice in Wonderland and Goldilocks.

Matalan has a great selection, including Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz from £14 and Horrid Henry from £15.

Aldi’s new range has arrived in stores today. The costumes cost £9.99 each including Mary Poppins.

  • All prices on the page are correct at the time of publication. Offers and offers subject to availability.

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Leah’s little helper

DO NOT forget to use the £1 book token that is given out to children at schools.

Tokens can be redeemed for one of the new World Book Day books or receive a £1 discount on any full price book or audiobook (as long as the price is at least £2.99).

Most supermarkets and bookstores accept them. See

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