Five areas where the battle will be won as Crolla breaks down the couple’s strengths and weaknesses

AMIR KHAN’s stringent weight requirements could be the key to him ending Kell Brook’s career on Saturday night.

Manchester-based former lightweight champion Anthony Krolla believes the 149-pound catchweight bout in his local arena could already have been won or lost on the scales on Friday morning.


Khan’s fight with Brook will take place on Saturday in Manchester.1 credit

And he’s not sure Khan’s decision to hold his training camp in Colorado – to work with new coach Brian McIntyre and former opponent Terence Crawford – is the right move for this career-defining fight.

The 35-year-old United superfan has interrupted the battle for SunSport, and five key areas will play a decisive role in this struggle.


Khan is very good at keeping things under control as both athletes are within the catchweight limit of 149 pounds. at 148lb.

I think this could be the deciding factor in the fight and it will only weaken Kell.

But I was really impressed with how good Kell looked in Thursday’s press practice.


Kell has a fantastic nutritionist who told me Khan’s biggest mistake was notifying Brook seven months before this fight so he could put on weight.

Kell will get big when he rehydrates, I saw Canelo do that when he fought Callum Smith.

Friday on the scales, I thought Canelo was too small to beat Callum, but by the time the fight started, he had made Callum look like his little brother.


Kell needs to keep his game plan in check because Amir played blind in the buildup.

Khan’s tongue is sharper than Kell’s, so he shouldn’t interfere with these things.

It’s so important for Kell to stick to his game plan and not get screwed over.

All those big fights need a great game plan. These guys haven’t been hit on the chin with 8oz gloves in a long time, so they both need to be smart.


Khan is called a “chin” but I think that’s crazy, he got knocked out but almost only by elite fighters like Canelo and Danny Garcia.

Kell’s chin isn’t a problem, but both of his eye sockets are broken, and they’ll be a vulnerability, and Han will target it.

The Careers Of Both Boxers Are At Stake.


The careers of both boxers are at stake.1 credit


Speed ​​gives you strength and Khan has speed. But you can also generate a lot of power using time, and that’s Kell’s speciality.

These are two very different types of strength that both guys are known for and they can both finish a fight from a distance.


It looks like a great move for Khan to go and train with Crawford and Brian McIntyre, but I think it’s a huge risk.

Yes, he deserves credit for stepping out of his comfort zone by going to train with a former weight class contender and star.

But there is so much to get along with a fighter and a trainer.

If Khan is in a crisis and must return to his corner for advice, guidance, or salvation, the relationship doesn’t know how to handle it.

In such a huge fight, you need someone in your corner who knows you inside out, who knows exactly what to say in the heat of battle when everything comes to the fore. This is exactly what Kell has with Dominic Ingle.

There are two ways to look at this; it’s great that Khan left home, went old school. But it’s a huge risk because he has absolutely no history with the coach he works with for what could be the biggest fight of his career.

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