September 21, 2021

FirstSite UK got married in 2021 – fans were outraged by Luke’s disrespect to Morag when he hinted that they were still married.

Viewers at the wedding were outraged at first glance as Morgue “exposed” Luke on his honeymoon.

He told her: “I don’t think you’re treating me like I’m your wife. I just want you to be a little more masculine. A little more romantic.”

“I want to like you. I will. You’re cute, but I need a man more than a boy.”

Morag was also very critical of his appearance and style, doubting whether he was a man for her.

At one point, however, Morg left an important clue about the status of her marriage to Luke Dawson.

In a post on Instagram, the reality star was caught smiling in a striped midi dress as she cut a three-tiered wedding cake with a ‘married first look’ sign in gold.

In the caption to the photo, he wrote: “Last night was a great night to celebrate with friends and family. Weddings were kept really short and not all of our loved ones could stay there. Happened. “

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