September 22, 2021

Firebomb threat in Garnett Glasgow Neighbor quarrels over cars.

We’re all there – deeply disappointed in our neighbors’ actions.

But a dispute in Garnethal has escalated to the point where a resident has threatened to “fire bombs” at three vehicles that have become rusty.

Concerned locals saw a notice under the windscreen wiper of a parked car in Buckleach Lane between Scott Street and Dalhousie Street.

Glasgow Times:

Note: There is no point in expressing anger at the three cars sitting on the road.

Each moss is covered with grass and weeds.

And someone has bin bags for side windows because the glass breaks.

No one would like such a dilapidated view in their residential street.

As the note makes clear.

It says: “Move or remove them.

You have seven days before I set them on fire. You are selfish.

“Call the scrap car company now.”

Glasgow Times:

The angry author of the note then compiles the consequences of ignoring their demands.

It added: “If not, they will be fired upon and when the police come, I will know who you are and hunt you down.”

“Selfish f ******”

Glasgow Times:

Let’s hope that whoever owns the cars will move them – and is ready to forgive.

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