September 19, 2021

Fiona Bruce wonders if she has spent much time with her children.

Broadcaster Fiona Bruce. One wonders if he has spent much time with his children, saying: “I feel like scratching someone’s surface. Working woman And she will always think, ‘Maybe not.’

She said that when it came to balancing her professional and domestic lives, she helped keep the nanny the same for two decades.

The 57-year-old broadcaster had two children with her husband, media chairman Nigel Cherox, whose son is Sam, born in January 1998, and a daughter, Mia, born in November 2001.

Appearing on the cover of the October edition of Good Housekeeping, she said: “It definitely helped to be with the same nanny for 20 years. When Mia completed her GCSE, she was there. But they are family friends.

“Did I spend a lot of time with my kids? I think any working woman would scratch the surface and she would always think, ‘Maybe not.’

“I don’t think there is a standard time with your children. I think that’s the amount.

“But there has never been a question that they are superior to everything in my life, and always have been.”

Fiona also expressed frustration at being repeatedly asked if she was “ambitious” as a young journalist.

He said: “I was asked again and again when I started my career. In the end, I was completely sick of it because I had never heard anyone ask this question.

“It’s just like women are described as ‘fascists’. You want to do as much as you can in your job – it’s human nature.

Question The host of the time said, when. Corona virus Restrictions will be allowed, she was excited for the return of the live audience to the BBC show.

He said: “When the live audience returns, I will kiss each of them, whether they like it or not!

“There is no alternative to keeping people there, to see who they want to talk about and to gauge the reaction of politicians when they speak.

“Having a direct audience makes the program an event.

The full interview can be found in the October issue. Home care Which is now on sale.

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