September 18, 2021

Finding homes for more Afghan refugees in Glasgow

Glasgow is already taking refugees from Afghanistan. planning Scotland is ready to accommodate those fleeing the Taliban to take more.

Dozens of people have come to the city in the last few months Council Looking to find a home for more people in the coming months.

The Scottish Government has said it is ready to play its part in humanitarian efforts this week, as the United States and Britain pulled their last troops out of the country this week.

Many Afghans have been helped outside the country, but many remain and are hoping to escape the new government.

Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Angus Robertson said the Scottish Government was urging the UK to accept more refugees and provide resources to local authorities.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow City Council, meanwhile, said it was already accepting people from Afghanistan.

A spokesman said the city had accommodated about 70 people in the past three months as the Taliban tightened their grip on the country before the withdrawal of US troops.

The council is also working with social housing providers to identify more possible housing and keep the Home Office informed of its progress.

Robertson was asked by Bob Doris, Mary Hale and Springburn SNPMSP for “an update on preparations and planning to help people fleeing Afghanistan who have resettled in Scotland.” Can be “.

Doris said: “Inside Scotland And Britain, we have a moral obligation to help all those who are fleeing Afghanistan and those who can settle here.

“However, I ask for details on how many Scottish councils have pledged to support the resettlement of Afghan families to date and the number and types of properties that are or will be identified for Afghan families, Because of course there will be a great need. ”

Glasgow Times:

Robertson said: “We need a lot more detail from the UK government about the resettlement program for new Afghans in order to fully answer this question and plan our full response with local authorities.

Scotland is committed to welcoming and assisting those fleeing Afghanistan. That is why today, with colleagues from the Scottish Government, I met with a convention of the Scottish Afghan community, NGOs, the Scottish Refugee Council and the Scottish Local Authorities Convention.

Last Friday, the First Minister and I met with the British government, to which we are looking for answers to ensure that we can provide as much assistance as possible to the Afghans who have sought refuge in this country. Required.

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