September 25, 2021

Fernando Alonso says Lewis Hamilton cannot be compared to Michael Schumacher.

There are very few drivers on the Formula 1 grid who can defend like Fernando Alonso, and the Spaniard once again proved his mettle in the Hungarian Grand Prix. It was reminiscent of defending the two-time F1 World Champion against Michael Schumacher in Amola in 2005, but Alonso ruled out a comparison between the two fights.

The Spanish racer saved Lewis Hamilton from numerous obstacles in the final stages of the race in Hungary, despite the British being in a very fast car, which resulted in his alpine teammate Esteban Okun winning the race.

Hamilton was in charge after finding himself in the last two laps after the restart. The Mercedes driver tried to win another, as title challenger Max Versatapen’s car was the fastest on the grid after it crashed in the race’s opening lap.

However, when Hamilton followed Alonso despite being a speeding car, he struggled to get through the Alpine. Alonso showed why he is still considered one of the best in the grid. After making life difficult for the seven-time world champion.

“Schumacher was three or four tenths faster at the time. Hamilton had an advantage of one and a half seconds with the car and about one second with the tires, so he had an advantage of two and a half seconds,” Alonso explained why Schumacher and Hamilton The battles cannot be compared, As referenced on the GP blog.

Alonso admitted that he expected more than one Mercedes world champion to overtake him soon, but it was a mistake to say that Hamilton kept making “the same mistakes” when it came to the racing line. In particular, since Hamilton, like Ferrari’s Carlos Sanz, did a light job of other cars around him.

“He kept making the same mistakes in the last few corners. I waited for him to take the last corner normally and get past the first corner, as he did with Carlos. He did the same with me. He should have done it, but he kept making mistakes, “he added.

Lewis Hamilton
Home Comfort: Lewis Hamilton celebrates after winning first place in the Silver Stone qualifying on Friday.
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