September 19, 2021

Feminists accuse the court of sending homophobic and transphobic tweets.

A SCOTS feminist appeared in court accused of sending homophobic and transphobic tweets.

Marion Miller, 50, allegedly engaged in threatening or abusive behavior between October 2020 and June 2021 in the Glasgow area and the Rother Glenn area of ​​South Lanarkshire.

Prosecutors say Miller repeatedly posted material on social media that was “homophobic and transphobic in nature.”

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It is claimed that Miller posted a picture of a sign on social media where an actor named Scots was working at the time.

It is alleged that Miller disclosed personal information about the female police constable on social media.

Miller is further claimed to have talked about the officer on social media, which contained false information.

The crime is said to have increased due to sexual bias.

Miller made no appeal in Glasgow Sheriff’s Court today.

Miller was represented by former SNP MP Joanna Cherry.

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The QC told the court: “I want to continue without application for three reasons.

“The first thing is practical

“Secondly, the communication charges are not in accordance with the instructions, so it is not appropriate to apply.

Third, it raised serious questions about Miss Miller’s European human rights record.

Miss Cherry asked for a date for a further hearing.

“I have no objection to that,” said prosecutor Leslie Chambers.

Sheriff Shona McKee has set a further hearing for October.

Miller, of Ardery, North Lanarkshire, was granted bail.

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