Fears flights could be halted at Heathrow after airline suffers ‘system failure’

Tonight, BRITISH Airways customers have experienced en route chaos at Heathrow Airport after a major outage in the airline’s system.

The BA website and app were down for several hours on Friday night, preventing customers from booking flights.


BA flights reportedly stopped on FridayCredit: PA: Press Association.
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It is also reported that the airline’s check-in systems have failed due to the fact that this is the second failure in 10 days.

Tonight, BA said the issues resulted in “several cancellations” but insisted there was nothing to indicate they were related to a cyberattack.

Ed Hall, 54, a television executive from Oxfordshire, was stuck on a plane for more than an hour after landing at Heathrow Terminal 5 because the film crew could not access any IT systems to find a place to drop off passengers.

And he said there were problems even before his flight BA 399 took off from Brussels.

Mr Hall said: “We couldn’t take off because the pilot’s system that calculates weight, loads and distribution went offline and we had to go back to the gate from the runway to get a (manual) copy sent from London.

“BA works on paper tonight”.

When he finally got off the plane, he said the luggage was piling up from passengers stranded on other flights.

Meanwhile, Sophia Prout, 33, was waiting in Terminal 5 for her BA flight to Lisbon scheduled for 7:05 pm until it was canceled just after 9 pm.

BA is working on paper tonight.

Ed HallBA Passenger

She said she was “frustrated” that the technical issues continued as she waited a total of four hours after checking in around 5:00 pm when only a few tables were open.

Ms Prout added: “We are lucky that we can turn around and return home if the flight is cancelled, but it would be nice to get an idea of ​​when and if we take off.”

The outage comes after British Airways suspended flights to Moscow on Friday and rerouted planes flying over Russia.

The move came in response to Moscow banning British carriers over the Ukraine crisis, parent group IAG said Friday.

BA said in a brief statement: “We have suspended our flights to Moscow as well as the use of Russian airspace following confirmation of the Russian government’s restrictions.”

The airline stressed that it is “closely” monitoring the situation and will offer a full refund for cancellations caused by the Ukraine crisis.

He added that rerouting some services could result in longer flight times.

A BA spokesperson said: “We apologize to our customers, it has been a very difficult week and we can only apologize for any further disruptions they may experience tonight.

“We are doing our best to provide up-to-date information about what is happening. We will make decisions about our work tomorrow as soon as we can and notify affected customers of any changes.”

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