September 23, 2021

Fans criticize Patriots coach Bill Belchek for questioning the effectiveness of the covid vaccine – RT Sport News

New England Patriots head coach Bill Blake has found himself at the center of a media firestorm when he casts doubt on the Covid 19 vaccine, saying vaccination “doesn’t solve every problem”.

Belchek has long been considered one of the most ruthless coaches in the NFL and relaunched the series this week when he signed former league MVP Kim Newton a week before the start of the new season. Expelled from the team …

It was a surprise. Although Newton is far from the kind of figure that made him the best player in the NFL a few years ago, he was considered and predicted to be the Patriots’ first-choice quarterback before the new campaign. That once again the signal caller for the team, while keeping the seat warm for the duo QB Mc Jones – New England’s first round selection in the May NFL Draft.

But when news of Newton’s release reached the newswires, it immediately sparked some widespread speculation.

Newton, the former Carolina Panther, was known as one of the league’s most high-profile figures who had not yet been vaccinated against Covid 19, despite the fact that 94% of the league’s players did when vaccinated – and his The reason for questioning whether Newton’s vaccination status played a role in his release.

Belchuck pointed out that the opposite is true – but it also took time to question the league’s vaccination policy.

You mean, like, vaccines solve every problem … not proven.“Belchek said in an exchange with a reporter.”The number of athletes and coaches and staff members who have been infected with covid after vaccination is very high. I will not lose sight of it.. “

The league’s players’ union, the NFLPA, has ruled that no player can be removed from the roster simply because he has not been vaccinated – which prompted Jacksonville Jaguars to appoint their head coach Urban Meyer this week. Provoked to return the comment in which he claimed Athlete’s Vaccination Status “Consider When it comes to roster cuts.

The NFL has strict guidelines on vaccines and immunizations. Those who have not yet received the job will have to take the Covid 19 test daily, while their vaccinated teammates will have to take one test every two weeks.

There is also a string of other restrictions, which stipulate that unsafe players must wear masks in their training facilities and are not allowed to mingle with vaccinated teammates.

Belchek’s comments on this “Too many“Breakthrough infections are open to interpretation for vaccinated players. It is true to note that some vaccinated players have tested positive, but the statistics show that players without the NFL They are seven times more likely to be infected than their vaccinated counterparts.

In addition, vaccine-infected athletes who contract Code 19 are said to have experienced only extremely mild symptoms – and as noted by the Centers for Disease Control in the United States, There is an unsafe population that needs extensive hospital treatment.

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Somewhat surprisingly, Belechk’s comments sparked a series of online objections.

I love bb but it’s a bad move“One wrote.”People who get immunizations are more likely to get seriously ill and more likely to get the virus. This is a proven fact.

Belchek: Great coach, bad doctor. Don’t lose sight of it., Added another.

Didn’t hear from a respected doctor claiming that wax ‘solves every problem’. They are very clear that this is not a cure.

“Waxed people get breakthrough cases, mild in most cases, when they could very well be fatal. Yes, thanks to a lot of Delta’s progress. And we thank Invex XD for that. Can payOne-third said.

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