October 18, 2021

Fans are begging to replace ‘Crane’ Laura Whitmore as Faye leaves ’embarrassed’ after anger

Whitemore Snaps Back to Grease Controversy

Addressing the Grellish controversy, viewers blasted Laura’s “offensive questions”, pointing out the hypocrisy of Laura’s “name and shame” for doing so in the past.

Responding, Laura said she insisted that “everyone saw the questions” before she said, “Everyone has a choice and everyone has the right to make their own decisions.”

“Hundreds of other things are clear,” she wrote on her Instagram story: “Hundreds of people work on the island of love. My job is not to make seating arrangements. Too many changes.”

“We invited Kaz to sit with Toby for our previous part but she didn’t want to and that’s her choice.

“Everything is already going on with the Islanders, it’s all about choice! I only ask questions that are already approved by the compliance division. There would be a lot of meetings before looking at the script. And then I can add my voice. “

Laura added: “Unlike in previous years, the islanders were not allowed to drink alcohol. Please remember that they are just regular people who were nervous on live television. I’m sure some have a nerve-wracking drink. Would love to!

“However, I had a big glass of wine before the show – after not drinking the last two series of slab juice, I took it upon myself.”

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