September 20, 2021

Fanon County is reporting an increase in cowardly cases, deaths. Free.

BONHAM – The announcement of the destruction of Fanon County’s Cove 19 and the continuation of its operation plan was extended by the Court of Appeals Commissioner for one more week after County Judge Randy Moore’s weekly case number update.

Moore reported Tuesday that since the epidemic began in March 2020, there have been a total of 19,372 cases of coagulation in Fennon County, and 76 of those cases were active Monday afternoon. That’s up from 49 active cases a week ago. Fourteen active cases were in the prison system. He said a recent death increased the number of deaths related to the county’s Quaid 19 to 115.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the number of active cases had dropped to 60 again, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Statistics show that two additional deaths increased the county’s total to 117.

Moore allayed concerns that the county would issue a mandate for masking or vaccines, saying “we are not even thinking about the mandate mandate.”

“So, at the moment, we are not ordering anyone to get the vaccine. It’s up to you,” he said.

The judge shared public figures provided by the county health authority, Dr. James Frewelch III. He said that 92% of the people admitted to the hospital with Covid 19 are without immunizations. Moore said 70 percent of Fennon County’s population has either the vaccine or Covid 19, adding to the county that the county should “start to see somewhat declining returns as far as people are getting the code.” ۔ ” Moore said no one in Fanon County who received the vaccine has been hospitalized for Covid 19, and no vaccine recipient in the county has died as a result of receiving the vaccine.

The judge said that although most people who contract Covid 19 recover, the disease has long-lasting effects. Moore said he knows people who are still trying to recover, even a year after being first coveted 19.

“I’m so tired of talking about covid. I wish we could go on another topic and think of something else that’s not part of our daily routine.… Listen, I don’t want to be here. If someone gets sick and dies from something, let them be cavid. There are many other things, and some of them bother me because some people are waiting for surgery and hospitals are full of cavid patients. I don’t like it, and sometimes it makes me a little angry that it happens.

As part of a continuation of the operation’s plans, Moore said the county is no longer providing the Covid 19 test. Honey Guru residents are encouraged to contact the Packet Family Clinic, while Bonham residents should check with TMC Bonham, Urgent Care, Dr. Frewelch and Family Care Clinic. Moore said CVS could also provide testing in Anna, Brookshire and Dennison.

It was suggested to include in the operation plans that Frewelch instructed supervisors to make daily inquiries with employees who reported themselves to be in close contact with someone who was symbolic of Covid 19. Or positive and they should use Covid 19. Checklist provided.


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