Family left with heartache after 30-year-old mom dies of sepsis two days after miscarriage

A FAMILY was heartbroken after their mom died of sepsis just two days after she suffered a miscarriage.

Laurette Divers, 30, from Sheffield, discovered she had miscarried during a doctor’s appointment on November 18, 2020 and died just two days later at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.


Laurette Divers dies two days after miscarriageCredit: Facebook
Lorette Was Described By Her Mother As


Lorette was described by her mother as “the most loving and caring mother and daughter”.Credit: Facebook

In a touching tribute, Lorette’s mom, Maxine Nicholson, said, “Lorette was the most loving and caring mom and daughter anyone could ask for.

“We were overjoyed when we found out that she was pregnant again, and it is almost impossible to understand the events that unfolded after that.

“While it has been a long time since her death, it has come to a halt for our family due to the many concerns we had about what happened to Lorette.”

The mother of two sons was hospitalized on the morning of November 20 due to pain and vomiting the night before.

Although Lorette was reportedly comfortable in the afternoon, she stopped responding shortly after. Auditor reports.

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She was rushed to the operating room for 45 minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but at 18:07 she was pronounced dead.

An inquest into her mother’s death at Sheffield Coroner’s Court today ruled that she died of natural causes.

Family lawyer William Chapman urged the coroner to acknowledge that her death was due to medical malpractice.

He said: “She did not receive emergency care. She was not seen by a doctor. Didn’t receive antibiotics. She didn’t have surgery.

“No one suspected what should have been suspected.

“It was a failure by the state to fulfill its obligations to protect life.”

Her mom added: “The investigation into Lorette’s death was incredibly frustrating, but it was something we had to do to honor her memory.

“The fact that Lorette is no longer in all of our lives, but especially in the lives of her children, is heartbreaking.

“How do you tell two young children that their mother is gone and will not return? The pain that Lorette can’t watch her kids grow up, or that she can’t celebrate milestones in life like they pass exams and get married, will be forever.”

Coroner Tanika Rowden said Lorette’s death did not meet all three legal criteria for a malpractice decision, adding that there was a “gross denial of basic medical care.”

Ms Rodin expressed concern that “she was not fully examined by a doctor” and said further investigation into her high fever should have been made.

The coroner expressed her condolences to Loretta’s loved ones and spoke of other touching stories that were previously given to the court, saying that she had “a love that can only be found in fairy tales” and that her family felt “blessed to follow the same path.” way.” Earth, like her.

She said: “I have never been so moved as when I heard a portrait of Loretta in pen.”

“Her death was nothing short of a tragedy. In fact, the tragedy doesn’t even cover her,” she added.

The Coroner Called Lorette'S Death


The coroner called Lorette’s death “nothing less than a tragedy”.Credit: Facebook

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