September 18, 2021

F1 Belgium Grand Prix Live Results: Race suspended due to rain, Verstappen on pool, Hamilton on third grid

Lewis latest

Lewis Hamilton has denied the views of fellow F1 drivers, who have called for a change in the notoriously dangerous Eau Rouge corner at the spa.

This is the same corner where Lendo Norris was destroyed yesterday, but Hamilton is reluctant to see change.

He said: “I think they have to get rid of the confrontation now and then leave the EO Rouge as it is, in my opinion.

“The fact that this track is still the essence of this threat, I think it’s good. I just hope that change will not remove it.

Eau Rouge is already dry, easy to flatten. It’s really nice and hard in the rain and that’s why Eau Rouge is Eau Rouge.

“I hope the changes make it safer but don’t make it any less special, heart in your mouth, you know?”

“They will do what they do, but I don’t think they need to spend money.”

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