Expert Reveals TikTok Driving Secrets All Drivers Should Use

MOTORING experts talked about their main life hacks that all drivers should use, as well as for which of them drivers should stop at a red light.

Dozens of tips have been posted on TikTok, with users explaining how to find hidden features in your car and how to keep the interior clean.


Experts tell you what you can and can’t do when cleaning1 credit

Billions of people have watched the #carhacks trend, but there are a few to avoid if you don’t want to end up with huge repair bills.

The car experts at Moneybarn share their top tips for avoiding additional damage to your car.


From using a pet hair scraper to putting silicone cupcake liners in your cup holder to keep them clean, there are dozens of cleaning tips to help keep your car smelling fresh.

But experts warn that while some hacks seem harmless, others can do more harm than good.

Some users advise using olive oil to keep the dashboard shiny, but if the oil is not wiped off, it can be dangerous.

Experts warn drivers to be careful when trying something different to clean the interior, and if you’re using a new product like carpet cleaner, vinegar or baking soda, always test it on a small area out of sight first.

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The tried and tested method for defrosting a cold windshield has gone viral with over 145,000 likes on social media.

This method involves placing a large towel on the front of the car, even in winter.

In the morning, the towel itself will freeze and the windshield will not freeze and will be ready to go.


However, another hack to defrost the screen can damage the glass on the windshield, resulting in lasting damage.

The user advises viewers to fill a bag with hot water and place it on the screen.

But it can cause the windshield to crack if the temperature is too high.


Experts have warned that you shouldn’t use a plunger to remove dents on cars, despite the fact that it works on small bumps.

it is generally recommended to avoid this as you can pull the metal too far and make it look worse.

It is best to entrust dent repair to professionals.


An even stranger trick was posted online: users were advised to use toothpaste to buff out scratches and scuffs.

This has been tried by professionals, but only certain types of mints will work.

You might be better off avoiding this hack because you might end up wearing off the polish, leaving the paint exposed to the natural elements.


Making your own do-it-yourself jet wash foam car wash went viral over the summer, using a hose and dishwashing liquid to create a do-it-yourself foam car wash.

While it may look great in theory, the sheer force of your hose can eventually cause small bits of dirt to damage the paintwork, and experts advise leaving this to the professionals.

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