October 25, 2021

“Everything was ruined by the road, swearing horribly that she was hit by a truck.” On the occasion of Yanka Diagliva’s birthday – a piece of her biography about a trip.

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Save Medusa!

In 2022, the publishing house “Viagorod” will publish a biography of rock singer Yanka Diagliva “Above the Underworld of Vienna: Yanka Diagliva’s Life and Death.” The author is Russian journalist and music critic Sergei Guriev, who wrote the book “History of the Group”, Sounds of Moe. Yanka Diaghileva died 30 years ago – in May 1991. According to the publishing house, “Spring” This is the first complete study of her life and work during K. Underworld. On the occasion of Yankee’s birthday, Medoza published an excerpt from a book about her journey with drummer Eugenie “Jackson” Kokorin, from Tyumen. During the trip, Yanko was bitten by a dog, hit by a trailer, and lost all his money along with a fellow passenger.

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