October 17, 2021

Event Homes in Glasgow marks 15 years of building development.

Since 2006, Scottish house builder Avant Homes has built 1,155 properties in Glasgow and will house more than 3,500 people when its project is completed in 2023.

Now the company, based in Sterling, is celebrating 15 years of re-creating the Richmond Gate area in the Outlands. Glasgow Times:

Quite 32.2 acres of land was once the site of Glasgow’s demolition of buildings before it was demolished in 1999. It is now a mixture of houses and apartments. There are currently 72 apartments under construction and 164 remaining.

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The project aims to create a greater sense of community with new facilities, better city connections and higher quality schools.

Event Homes. Scotland Theresa Barbour, Director of Sales and Marketing, said: “Outland is a historic area that we have worked hard for the last 15 years to recreate in a community that we and its residents can be proud of.

With construction completed in 2023, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to preserve this area near Glasgow, while also working to create the culture of a thriving outdoor city that people want to call home.

Event Homes is also hoping to promote the community through artwork initiatives. Four pieces of art will be on display at Archmond Gate.Glasgow Times:

First, the River Spirit is a hand-carved statue of Kate Thompson. Second, the Atlands Girl is a 4-meter-tall marine-grade stainless steel sculpture created by Scottish artist Rob Mulholland with the help of locals and schoolchildren.Glasgow Times:

The third, ‘Appraiser’, is a piece consisting of 7 and 11 meter high mast statues and cells inspired by the Richmond Model Boat Club. The fourth design will be presented in 2023 after completion of development.

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Theresa added: “During the construction of Richmond Gate, we have established excellent relationships with local people, groups and organizations, exemplified by the public art we see in development.

“Working with Glasgow City. Council Promotes a sense of community spirit alongside local artists and designers that we’re trying to create with the redevelopment of Outlanders, and we can’t wait to see full development and artwork in 2023.

Visit Avant Homes to book an appointment to learn more about the Richmond Gate development or to see it. This link Or call 0141 530 1846.

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